We offer a suite of Summer Camp Experiences for students who are looking to learn and explore various areas of STEM.

We do offer special pricing for families with multiple students who want to sign-up or campers who want to experience all three camps we offer. Please contact us before you register for special instructions and discounting information.

Coding Camp

Coding is Literacy. Give your student the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be competitive in the 21st century. This week long experience will take campers through the three basic algorithms and four pillars of computer science. Students will then be able to flex their learning with a series of DIY electronics projects based on the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

***It is recommended that the student bring their own computer. We have computers that campers can rent for $50 a week. This is a separate purchase and must be made at the time of registration through the store to secure the appropriate hardware.***

  • Three Basic Algorithms: Sequence, Selection, and Iteration

  • Four Pillars of CS: Variables, Loops, Conditionals, and Functions

  • Students will be working with and coding in languages that best fit their needs but MakeCode (block-based) and Python (test-based) are recommended.

  • Students will go home with their new coding knowledge and electronics skills as well as their DIY creation from their weeks work! We will be using the Circuit Playground kit ($99 value on Adafruit.com) and we will be providing a few additional accessories to DIY with their projects

  • Coding is Literacy!

June 17th - 21st

  • Age 11 to 17 years old

  • Price $350

  • Deadline for registration June 10th

July 8th - 12th

  • Age 11 to 17 years old

  • Price $350

  • Deadline for registration July 5th

Standard Hours

8:30am – 3:30pm

Extended Hours(+$100)
8:00am – 4:45pm


This introductory 3D design and 3D printing experience will take campers through the process of optimizing a flying machine. Students will begin the process by analyzing the current flight system and design a new and improved frame to be 3D printed. Then, we will begin flight school. Each student will learn how to fly quad-copters in a closed and controlled environment. While the students frames are 3D printing we will be flying drones, studying the laws that now govern UAV flight, and building a solid understanding of drone flight patterns.

***It is recommended that the student bring their own computer and SMARTPHONE, a windows or macbook machine is recommended***

***We have computers that campers can rent for $50 a week. This is a separate purchase and must be made at the time of registration to secure the hardware.***

  • Students will learn about design constraints like tolerance and scale

  • Students will learn about 3D printing and iterative design methods in manufacturing

  • Students will learn about laws that govern UAVs

  • Students will take home their consumer drone as well as the Hack-a-drone quadcopter

June 10th - 14th

  • Age 11 to 17 years old

  • Price $350

  • Deadline for registration June 3rd

Standard Hours

8:30am – 3:30pm

Extended Hours (+$100)
8:00am – 4:45pm

Video Game Design and VR

This camp will center around the exploration and creation of virtual and augmented (mixed) reality experiences. Students will be guided through the basic principles of video game design, MDA framework, and the fundamentals of Virtual Reality. The students will have access to and first person experience with high-end VR gaming systems like the HTC Vive Pro. Along with the Vive Pro students will have access to numerous other virtual reality systems.

***All games and VR experiences will be age appropriate***

  • Students will be paired up on a single gaming laptop but each student will receive a Windows Mixed Reality headset to take home.

  • Students will learn the basic principles and core components of VR

  • Students will learn about the different platforms and paradigms of VR

  • Students will explore the development process for games in Unity

  • Students will learn how to create 3D virtual assets for use in VR and game environments

  • Students will go home with their Windows Mixed Reality headset (~$400 value) and the knowledge about what it takes to consume and develop VR content

***These high powered gaming laptops contain GTX 2060 or higher GPUs and the windows mixed reality headsets are from various manufactures***

***The students will experience structured activities that involve the use of Playstation VR, HTC Vive Pro, Lenovo Jedi Experience, Nintendo Labo, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Oculus experience***

July 15th - 19th

  • Age 11 to 17 years old

  • Deadline for registration July 12th

  • Price $550 (Includes $400 WMR headset)

Standard Hours

8:30am – 3:30pm

Extended Hours (+$100)
8:00am – 4:45pm

Mini Camp

This camp is a 2-day mini camp for all of the little coders/makers out there! We are looking for second through fifth grade students who are interested in learning how to code fun DIY electronic projects and 3D print parts for their projects! We will be exploring how coding can be represented in the real-world as well as inside the machine (computer). Students will be building DIY projects that use recycled materials and 3D printed parts!

  • We would prefer students bring their own computers but rental machines are available upon request. The reason being that they will learn these methods and techniques and we would like them to be able to take these skills home on their own machine.

  • Students will explore Coding, electronics, and 3D printing.

  • Each Student will go home with an electronics kit and the skills to use it!

July 1st and 2nd

  • Age 7 to 11 yo

  • Deadline for registration June 24th

  • Price $150

Standard Hours

8:30am – 12:30pm (No lunch provided)(Pack a snack)(water bottles provided)

Extended Hours (+$100)
8:00am – 4:45pm


Lunch Information

All campers are required to bring a lunch, snacks, and drinks for the day. We have a small kitchen with sink, microwave, and full size refrigerator for food storage. If a camper does not have a lunch one will be provided at the expense of the parents.

We want to be respectful of dietary restrictions and allergies of other campers so we ask that campers refrain from bringing food items that contain peanuts.


Drop-off and Pick-up

All campers are expected to be checked-in everyday by an approved guardian before 9:00 am. We will have a member of our team working in the front entrance to receive students. The front door of FDS will be locked at that time and we might not be able to open the door