Students go home with a drone of their own creation.

This introductory 3D design and 3D printing experience will take campers through the process of optimizing a flying machine. Students will begin the process by analyzing the current flight system and design a new and improved frame to be 3D printed. Then, we will begin flight school. Each student will learn how to fly quad-copters in a closed and controlled environment. While the students frames are 3D printing we will be flying drones, studying the laws that now govern UAV flight, and building a solid understanding of drone flight patterns.

***It is recommended that the student bring their own computer and SMARTPHONE, a windows or macbook machine is recommended***

***We have computers that campers can rent for $50 a week. This is a separate purchase and must be made at the time of registration to secure the hardware.***

  • Students will learn about design constraints like tolerance and scale

  • Students will learn about 3D printing and iterative design methods in manufacturing

  • Students will learn about laws that govern UAVs

  • Students will take home their Hack-a-drone quadcopter

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