Video Game Design with VR

Video Game Design with VR


This camp will center around the exploration and creation of virtual and augmented (mixed) reality experiences. Students will be guided through the basic principles of video game design, MDA framework, and fundamentals of Virtual Reality. The students will have access to and first person experience with high-end VR gaming systems like the HTC Vive Pro. Along with the Vive Pro students will have access to numerous other virtual reality systems.

***All games and VR experiences will be age appropriate***

  • Students will be paired up on a single gaming laptop but each student will receive a Windows Mixed Reality headset to take home.

  • Students will learn the basic principles and core components of VR

  • Students will learn about the different platforms and paradigms of VR

  • Students will explore the development process for games in Unity

  • Students will learn how to create 3D virtual assets for use in VR and game environments

  • Students will go home with their Windows Mixed Reality headset (~$400 value) and the knowledge about what it takes to consume and develop VR content

***These high powered gaming laptops contain GTX 2060 or higher GPUs and the windows mixed reality headsets are from various manufactures***

***The students will experience structured activities that involve the use of Playstation VR, HTC Vive Pro, Lenovo Jedi Experience, Nintendo Labo, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Oculus experience***

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