PK is a graduate of Forsyth Central High School and has lived in the county for the last 20 years. He has been teaching in the STEM fields for the past 7 years in both public and private schools. He is passionate about bringing high-quality STEM experiences to the students in the North Metro and is proud to offer his expertise right here in Forsyth county.

Bachelors of Science - Chemistry - Georgia State University

Masters of Arts in Teaching - Mathematics - Columbus State University

Research Scientist - Constellations Fellow - Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Certified Educator - Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, General Science and Math

PK has been gathering educational, industrial, and real-world STEM experience from places like Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, and Forsyth County STEM Academy.


Creating infinitely differentiated learning experiences is my passion as an educator.

With his experiences in Post-secondary and secondary science, Technology, engineering, Math, and computer science education “pk” has proven he loves doing it all!


A roboticist at Heart

PK has RECEIVED special training from birdbrain technologies both here in atlanta and in PITTSBURGH at carnegie mellon. He is passionate about connecting the arts with both computer science and engineering.