Waivers and General Participation Release

At Formulating Digital Solutions (FDS) our goal is to provide an actively engaging and rigorous curriculum to best foster a culture of solution makers, not solution manuals. Innovation and inquisition are at the center of our pedagogical methods and our goal is to achieve this focus with every student.

Please take the time to read the following waivers & agreements policy very carefully before registering to participate in one of our summer classes.


Registration is complete when payment and completed forms are received. The payment and registration form that are completed on our website makes up Step One of the process. We will follow up every only purchase of a camp with an email to start Step Two which is the completion of waivers, releases of liability, and completion of our final forms.  

Class Enrollment:  

Our summer camp registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  In the event we do not meet our minimum enrollment, we will notify you about options moving forward which include but are not limited to reduced class size, alternative curriculum class, or cancellation. In the event of cancellation, we might be able to offer an alternate class or summer program based on interest. Refunds for canceled classes/summer programs will be processed within 5-7 business days from the date of cancellation if an alternate class/summer program is not chosen or available.


Your child's safety is our highest concern.  Including precautions taken to prepare for: inclement weather, fire safety, intruder and emergency response.  FDS will follow the standard safety procedures used by schools in the unlikely event of severe weather, fire or an intruder.

If you wish to make arrangements for someone else to be responsible for your child (during drop-off or pickup), please inform the program manager, in writing, with the following information…

  • The person's full legal name

  • Their contact information including cell phone number and email address

  • AND a copy of their valid Driver’s License

***A photo ID will need to be presented upon pick-up.***

Media Release:

FDS will ask for the ability to use photos and videos of your student in our camps. These multi-media items will be used for social media, our website, and other advertising purposes. Furthermore, local media outlets may visit our program to write a story of showcase student work, in this case, another media release will be issued to inform you of the specifications of such an outlet as well as potential risks to privacy. In the situation when FDS cannot contact all families for permission before the press arrives a hold will be placed on any media captured at camp until all families have agreed to terms.  All photos and videos become the property of FDS and may be used for promotional purposes. Therefore, we have created a blanket policy. We thank you for understanding.

Expectations of Student Conduct:  

Students are expected to use appropriate behavior & self-discipline to participate in our program. FDS reserves the right to dismiss any student from the program due to disruptive behavior. No refunds or credits will apply. Disruptive behavior is classified as any actions that prevent another student from being able to engage in the camp curriculum and/or cause physical/mental harm to another person. Furthermore, there is a zero tolerance policy for destructive behavior. We will be using expensive electronic devices in educationally strenuous situations and students are expected to act appropriately while in academic endeavors as well as during break times. For example, rage quitting and angry outbursts will be viewed as inappropriate behavior and dealt with as such. AGAIN, FDS holds all rights to remove a student from any camp at any time with no obligation to issue a refund or credit for time/materials lost.

Use of Technology:

Students will have access to a variety of technological devices and they will receive explicit instruction about how to properly use these items. The following blanket statement will address all device usage…

Any device that students have not received explicit instruction on how to use is outside the purview of their camp and should not be touched or used in any circumstances.

  • Students must use computers in an appropriate way. This goes for personal devices but especially for FDS (camp) devices. There is a two-chance policy on FDS equipment, students will receive one warning and message home to parents and then the second offense is immediate dismissal.

  • Students may ONLY visit website addresses approved by FDS instructor(s) or staff

  • Students must use technology equipment with care and safety

  • Students must be respectful of other people's work

Electronics/Data/Personal Items:  

Students are responsible for their personal laptops, power cords, mice, flash drives and electronic files. Anything a student brings to camp will be logged in at check-in. FDS is not responsible for any missing, lost, or broken items. If a student fails to check-in any electronic item FDS holds to the rights to confiscate and hold the item until a parent or guardian releases said item or obtains it upon pick-up.

Cell Phones/Electronics:  

Students are allowed to use their phones during breaks & lunch, but they must be turned off or on vibrate during instruction. This is so that students spend their time getting what they signed up for and don’t miss out on learning opportunities. They will be instructed and encouraged to use their phones at the appropriate times but a great emphasis will be put on time management and attention to detail so phone management will be a part of the “passive pedagogy.”


Registered Parents/Guardians need to sign-in students every morning upon arrival. Students that are dropped off at or before the camp start time will be greeted in the parking lot so sign-in can take place as quickly as possible. If students arrive after our start time of 8:30 am parents will be required to come inside to sign-in students. The FDS exterior doors will be locked at 9:00 am and late-late check-in might require parents and students to wait until a staff member is available for entry. For safety reasons, please do not drop off your child earlier than the scheduled summer camp time. Early drop-off is acceptable but will incur an extended hours notice and invoice to be created which will require another purchase from our web store or Venmo payment.


Please be on time for pickup.  Extended time fees start 5 minutes designated pickup times 3:30 or 4:45 respectively. A fee of $1.00 per minute will be billed for students who are picked up beyond the 5-minute courtesy window.  Pick up beyond the courtesy window of 15 minutes will be billed at $2 per minute and pick up beyond 30 minutes late will be billed at $3 per minute and may result in dismissal from the program (no refunds will apply). Please call the camp administrator as soon as possible if you are going to be late so that FDS can make the proper arrangements.

Inclement Weather

In the event of severe weather, FDS will closely monitor weather reports, and if severe weather threat is imminent, FDS will follow severe weather safety procedures. We have two shelter in place locations inside our facility and will follow all safety protocols to ensure the safety of our students.

Your Personal Information:  

Formulating Digital Solutions does not share any personal information, at all. This includes but is not limited to e-mail, phone numbers, home addresses. All specific and personal information will be kept for internal uses only.  

Nut-free Zone:  

FDS is a nut-free zone to keep our students safe.  We ask that students do not bring any snacks or lunches with tree-nuts or peanuts. This includes almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, shea-nuts or walnuts etc. As peanuts are legumes they most often present as a distinct allergy and would like to avoid peanuts and peanut products as well. To read more and learn why we ask our students not to bring these products please follow this link HERE

Internet Connectivity & Software Programs:

The functionality of programming is dependent upon internet connectivity. Our servers have successfully undergone testing before the summer at each location. Although rare, during classes or summer programs, it is possible that external factors may cause an interruption in connectivity. If this occurs, students will collaborate on projects or individual skills or offline activities while connectivity is being restored.  

Requests to change to another camp or another week:

We understand plans can change and emergencies happen.  If you'd like to apply for a change to another class or summer program, we require a 14-day notice in writing. Please send written requests to pk@fds.llc.  We cannot guarantee placement and requests are based on availability. If another summer program of your choice is not available, we will not be able to refund the cost of the program.  

Computer Rental Program:

Laptops are prepaid at the time of registration and based on availability. If you did not reserve a laptop at the time of booking and needed one, please request a rental by email at least 4 days before the start of your program.  We cannot guarantee equipment availability without prior reservation.

Send laptop rental inquiries to  


Curriculum Updates/Changes:  

The information provided in the course descriptions is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.  This is because FDS offers bleeding edge summer camp experiences and we are subject to product availability issues which might limit our ability to fulfill exactly what is described on the camp page. Regardless, we will deliver the best STEM summer camp experience possible.

Refund Policy:

Your enrollment & pre-payment reserves space for your child(ren). We have a strict refund policy due to the high costs of hardware, software, facility rental and staff resources.  No refunds will be issued for early withdrawal or dismissal due to absences (for any reason) including sickness, behavioral dismissals, late pick up, power failures, weather, inability to reserve a laptop in advance and unforeseeable events, not within the control of  FDS or other acts of nature. If participants are not able to complete the class or summer program, the fee is not prorated, and no refund will be issued, including partial refunds or credits. In the event we do not meet our minimum enrollment for a class or summer program, we will cancel the session & notify you of an alternate course based on availability.  If in the unlikely event FDS has to cancel a class or summer program, refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days from the date of cancellation if an alternate class is not chosen or available. If a summer program is canceled midway (for reasons beyond our control), we will provide a prorated refund for the remaining classes.

Formulating Digital Solutions, LLC offers students the highest level of service by providing summer camps, weekend workshops, after-school classes and various courses taught by highly trained instructors. All staff members have passed background checks, and program managers are Adult/Pediatric CPR & First Aid certified.

Camp Outcomes Clause

No guarantees are made by FDS, about student outcomes, or are there implied results since students vary in motivation, interests, classroom behavior, attendance, background, preparation & the time & effort they invest in learning.   

Final Statements

Our policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. We hold true to our word that the camps offered by FDS are of the highest caliber and will challenge students to learn and explore.

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